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KnowThyself was born from a group of science-obsessed friends who started asking ourselves basic questions about life — like what are the chances that this or that could happen to us? — and realized that today, science is at such a point where it can help us answer these questions. And even, perhaps, bring us closer to that magical ability of predicting the future.

So we started combing libraries, academic journals, and even — gasp — the Internet (don’t worry: respected sites only; no fake news here) for data, data, data. Data that we can combine cleverly to help us analyze what is happening with ourselves.

The result? KnowThyself.ai, an initiative to combine science and statistics to help us calculate the odds and other such useful information about our own lives.

Take divorce, for example. This is a big question that affects many of us — in fact, something like half of us. Looking at other calculators online, all were deficient: barely taking into account any data (really, based on three data points, you think you can tell me something useful?) and, on top of that, with user experiences that were painful to use.

We’ve set out to fix that. Good data, good algorithms, good user experience.

And we’ve chosen a “.ai” domain on purpose, for artificial intelligence. Why? This is precisely what we’re doing: combining clever software and data to figure out what is going to happen next. And what is artificial intelligence about if not that?

If you have any questions or want to know more, just say hi! You can email us at ‘hello’ at this domain.