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Based on Re­cent Stud­ies & Over 15 vari­ables for both you & your part­ner

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We’re Build­ing the Best Col­lec­tion of Da­ta-Dri­ven Life Cal­cu­la­tions On­line

KnowThy­self’s vi­sion is sim­ple and clear: to use mod­ern da­ta to help you an­a­lyze your­self, es­pe­cial­ly in re­gards to the biggest ques­tions in life you ask each oth­er: how like­ly are you to get di­vorced? Have a break­down with your busi­ness part­ner? What is the right job for you? Stay tuned as we add more and more cal­cu­lates. Is there a cal­cu­la­tor you want us to add? Just ask!

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